Anointing Oil Now Sells At GHC200

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367703511_997716The proliferation of churches in the country in recent past has been heavily criticised by a section of the populace citing their operations as one of a business venture rather than a true church of God.

Leaders of some of these churches have attracted media headlines for the wrong reasons including acts of debauchery and fraud.

Interesting though is a recent development where church members are cunningly coerced to buy anointing oil at very exorbitant prices with the promise that when the oil is either drunk or applied to a part of the body as directed, could deliver one from any calamity.

A small bottle of olive oil ranges between 50—200 GH cedis and one is advised to buy as many oil as possible depending on the number of challenges confronting the person.

A prophet of God often prays on the oil and charges the members to buy if they want their deliverance.

A congregant in one of such churches where anointing oil is sold revealed that often the oil is even oversubscribed.

A number of persons who flock into these churches purportedly come to seek help for their ailing businesses, a visa for travel, deliverance from terminal ailment and deliverance from barrenness.

Some Christians who spoke to this paper on condition of anonymity averred that they had bought anointing oil of all kinds in the past from different men of God but there were no improvement in their lives.

One woman mentioned that she spent hundreds of Ghana cedis on bottles of anointing oil from some of these churches with the hope that she would take a seed but years down the lane, her situation remained unchanged and still barren.

Though some men of God have openly condemned this phenomenon that has crept into the church yet the practice keeps going on and the advice to some of these churches to stop selling anointing oil to their congregants appear to have fallen on deaf ears.

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